Ethos and Corporate Social Responsibility

As a professional coaching company we will support all our clients to achieve their true potential in a structured coaching framework for children and adults to ensure that fun and satisfaction are had by all participating.

Our coaching sessions are planned to be challenging and rewarding as well as enjoyable.

We have coached a number of children to international level but we will never give up others. Our sport depends on “Club and Social Players” and aims to produce a skilful, responsible player, who enhances teamwork and is comfortable in making decisions in match conditions.

We follow the recognised Long Term Athlete Development Programme so that everyone can achieve their objective in Sport

Total Hockey will establish new Clubs or Academies for England Hockey and will support any hockey club to expand and use the most appropriate corporate structure on a case by case basis. For example Ealing Hockey was originally established as a Community Interest Company, a regulated structure under company law and governed by Companies House and then handed to the members as a CASC (community amateur sports club), a not for profit structure.  The members of Ealing HC and its coaches have worked hard in the short period of its existence and their effort was acknowledged by winning the 2016 Skipton Building Society’s Grassroots Giving Campaign for The Club’s contribution to the Local Community. Go to

We have provided sporting bursaries to a number of young players. We are formalising a structure to go into schools and award further bursaries.

Mission Statement

Total Hockey is committed to protecting children, vulnerable adults and young people from harm.
We recognize the needs of children and adults from minority ethnic groups and those with disabilities. Staff and volunteers within this organisation accept and recognise our responsibilities to develop awareness of the issues that cause?? children to others??.

We will do our utmost to safeguard all in our care and have fully adopted England Hockey’s Safeguarding and Protecting Young People and other relevant safeguarding guidelines.

We have a guideline procedure in place for all potential employees.