School & Universities

The Government wants physical education (PE) and school sport to be fun and attractive to all children whatever their level of skill. PE and sport play an important role in school life, help to raise standards, improve behaviour and health, increase attendance and develop social skills.
An ambitious target has been set to increase the percentage of 5-16 year olds who spend at least 2 hours each week on PE and school sport, within and beyond the curriculum, to 85 per cent. A further aim is for all children to have access to at least five hours of PE and sport each week by the end of the decade.
Total Hockey provides focused coaching solutions to support the schools drive to achieve the Government targets.
To understand how we improve the availability and quality of sports provision please contact us directly.

Schools and University Client list

  • Colfes, Greenwich
  • Derwentwater Primary School, Acton
  • Fulham Prep School, Fulham
  • Greenford High School, Southall
  • Harris Academy, Greenwich
  • Ibstock Place School, Roehampton
  • Larmenier & Sacred Heart, Hammersmith
  • Old Vicarage, Richmond
  • Plumstead Manor, Greenwich
  • Sir Thomas More, Greenwich
  • St. Augustines Priory, Ealing
  • St Mary’s School, Isleworth
  • The Blue School, Hounslow
  • The Harrodian School, Barnes
  • The Pointers School,  Greenwich
  • The John Lyon School, Harrow
  • West London Free School
  • Woolwich Polytechnic
  • University of West London
  • Brunel University